Hi !! My name is Gabriel Carvajal, I am an inhabitant of the Northern Region of Costa Rica, just in the heart of the rainforest. Since my childhood, I observed the subsistence farming techniques that my father and my grandfather used to bring sustenance to their homes. This made me learn since very early age on the art of sowing, falling in love with the earth, the fresh buds, the smell of the rain, the sunny morning, but above all, the flowers that bring new fresh and tasty fruits, which are served until today at the tables of Costa Ricans people.

Since ancient times, my family has planted, using simple, practical and friendly methods with the environment.

Finca Ecoorganica Sarapiqui aims to study, promote and demonstrate practices that improve the quality of traditional crops in the area, all in a simple and practical, ecological and organic way.

Mrs. Irene and I believe that the treasure of eco-organic production has to transcend future generations, not only as best practices, but as preventive medicine, for the body and also for the soul, because when we sow, we help nature to give life and that makes us co-creators.

This is why we take the decision to prepare the best crop exposure and concentrate them in a small farm, on the margin of the Sarapiqui River, where students, tourists, families, companies and anyone who wants to learn can visit us and share the same experiences shared by our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. We invite you to plant with us …..!

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