Information of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America, it limits to the east and northeast with the Caribbean Sea; to the west and south with the Pacific Ocean; to the southeast with Panama and to the north with Nicaragua.

We have an extension of 51,100 km², 5,000,000 inhabitants, we have a great tourist potential is valued as one of the most visited international destinations for its democracy, peace and being a characteristic country without army since 1948. Our wealth is based on having beaches in the two oceans and the abundant flora and fauna, here the biodiversity is magnificent. The “ticos” as we are called the Costa Rican inhabitants; We are warm, friendly and respectful.

In Costa Rica you get nature and relaxation, beaches and volcanoes like Poas and Arenal, adventure like canopy, White Water Rafting, rappelling, horseback riding, ATV, wall scale, cannoying … We are a place full of worlds to know from bird watching until tour of crops (coffee, pineapple, banana, hearts of palm, pepper …) Everything you can think of, in a place of just 51,100 km2

A little history: Costa Rica was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the year 1502. Since the government of José Figueres Ferrer in 1948 the army was ABOLISHED, this action is maintained until today. We have been nominated 12 times for the Nobel Peace Prize and in 1989, President Oscar Arias won the Nobel Prize for finding the solution to the Central American civil wars of those years.
Climate of Costa Rica: Normally it is between 15-30 degrees Celsius, the coldest places in the country are the mountains, the coldest provinces are San José and Cartago, the hottest are Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limon, the specific ones of the beaches of our country.
Policy: We are a democratic country, therefore, every 4 years a new president is elected. Like the Deputies who will accompany the President in their government. It is constituted by the Executive Power, the Legislative Power and the Judicial Power, in addition it is considered as the fourth Branch of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Some mandatory holidays in Costa Rica are:
*January 01 – New Year
*May 01 – Worker’s Day
      *Thursday and Good Friday
                  *15 September – Independence Day
     *December 25 – Christmas

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