Snakes in “Sarapiqui farm”

Costa Rica has one of the best weather to snakes, specially in rainforest, Sarapiqui.

It is common to find some of this animals so near to your house, restaurant… Finca Sarapiqui has the opportunity to find different types of these: Coral snake, Bushmaster snake (know as Matabuey), Godman’s Montane Snake (know as Toboba), Jumping  Pit Viber(know as Mano de Piedra), Side Stripe Pit Viber Snake (know as Lora), Fer De Lance  (know as Terciopelo)  for its proximity to the river and its exuberant green zone.

If you are a lover of snakes, please come and visit us, maybe you will have the opportunity of knowing one of our best costarican snakes.


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